Rose Farseer




After graduation from the Kitharodian Academy, Rose found herself sent away by the both the church and the academy for her view points. A large amount of them were too extreme for her church, but with the influence of her family the atrocities in the name of the church were covered up. “The blood of the sinners, is what makes my music so pure…” She pleaded with her family, but no one understood. She knew her calling, the shadow created though the light of Sarenrae, showed her the path set out for her. Murdering those who didn’t give up their sinful ways, and with each drop of blood spilled her voice became purer. Her only friend, when pushed away by her family she found a new one in Haleen’s arms, brought up and taught to not kill except in the most extreme cases. She no longer hunted down petty thieves, seeking only the most deprived of society.

“My voice is blessed by the sun, purified through blood, and will forever sing out for Sarenrae so others can find mercy in her embrace….” She touched the burnt wounds across her sides where she branded herself with the sun blessed metal that she left out to heat the whole day.

Rose Farseer

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